Compassion and depth balanced by a playful and artistic heart.

— Dr. Gina Perez-Baron, MD

Jennifer Wyatt Holistic Acupuncture Arts

To me, Chinese medicine is like detective work. It requires a curious, analytical mind and a tenacious spirit. And because Chinese medicine has aspects of both art and science, it takes a unique combination of knowledge, empathy, and strategy to be practiced most effectively.

As such, Chinese medicine and acupuncture work through relationships.  Physiological relationships, relationships with oneself, and relationships with one’s practitioner.

Our most meaningful interactions almost invariably rely on a relationship with another person to provide reflection and guidance. Hence, my approach is a blend of compassionate acknowledgement of how my patient’s conditions developed combined with my own experience and strategic perspective as a practitioner.

My most successful patients are curious, invested in themselves, open to a new perspective, trusting, and ready to accept the invitation to be an active participant in their recovery. They are committed to a new approach to their health, even if they are uncertain of how Chinese medicine might work for them.

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Leadership & Community Engagement

Jennifer donates gift certificates for the silent auctions at KC Spay & Neuter’s Spay-ghetti and No Balls and the Great Plains SPCA’s Pawtini events annually.